Are there any Shortcuts in CC Calendar?

Applicable Versions: Free, Full, Pro.

Yes, lots.

Filtering: Click on the date above the calendar to just type in a date. This lets you view any date without having to necessarily use the navigation arrows to get there.

Daily View: Shift click on any date in the Mini-Calendars to create a new appointment. Shift click on the portal open / close icons to return to the default day configuration (Full and Pro Versions only).

Month View: Shift click on the Day Number to create an appointment for that date.

Navigation: Shift click on the Day tab to go to default day configuration (Full and Pro Versions only). Shift click any day arrow (to move the day, week, or month left or right) to go to the current date. Note: Don’t use the year view just to jump to a particular date. Click “filter calendar” and then type your destination date into the “Go to” date. Shift-click on the plus or minus sign for times to re-scroll the list of visible hours to its default setting (Pro Version only).

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