How to I add new initials to the pop up list?

Applicable Versions: Free, Full, Pro.

New initials may be added on the About / Users tab of CC Calendar. Simply click Add User to create new records for each new person you’d like to be able to create appointments for. Don’t forget the initials need to be unique (thought not necessarily comprised of just two letters).

We imagine that most users of CC Calendar will already have a database of people for whom they’d like to create appointments. In these cases you’ll want to discard our list of initials and use your own. There are two approaches to this...

1. Value Lists Only. If you already have an interface for creating such people you may just want to edit the value list “Users” in CCCalendar.fp7 so that it displays the contents of the initials field in your existing table. You’d then probably stop using, repurpose, or delete the About / Users tab of CC Calendar

2. Swapping out the SettingsUsers Table. Alternately, you can point the calendar at your “users” table so that the About / Users tab of CC Calendar creates records in your existing table. This is much simple than swapping out the appointments table as there is only 1 relationship to the SettingsUsers table on the relationship graph, and uses the “X” operator, so it doesn’t matter which field is on the right hand side of the relationship. To swap out the SettingsUsers table, follow these steps:

2.1 Create a File Reference. Go to File / Define / File Reference in CCCalendar.fp7. Create a new file reference for the file containing your Users table. (Check out FileMaker’s built in help if you’ve never defined a file reference before- it’s quite simple). Once you’ve defined the file reference, move to the relationship graph and find the “SettingUsers” table occurrence (brown) linked to the “CalendarSettings” table occurrence (blue). Double click on the “SettingUsers” table occurrence and change its “File” attribute to be the file reference you just created for your User’s file. Select your Users table within that file. _Do Not_ change the name of the table occurrence.

2.2 Edit the SettingsUsers Layout. Navigate to the SettingsUsers Layout in CC Calendar and, in layout mode, select Layout / Layout Setup. Change the “Show Records From” attribute to be the name of the Users table within your new Users file. Place any fields on this layout that you wish. This allows us to leave the “New User” script alone since it gets its context from this layout.

2.3 Edit the About - Users Layout. Just check this layout to be sure that your initials field shows up under User Initials. Your fields may not be in the same order as ours and may display some other fields from your users table.

2.4 Edit the Value List. Edit the value list “Users” in CCCalendar.fp7 so that it displays the contents of the initials field in your newly linked users table.

That’s it.

Note that if you change a person’s initials in the users table those changes will not be reflected in existing appointments, only in new appointments. If you’d like the initials to change in existing appointments you’ll want to go to the CCCalAppts table and find all the instances of those initials. Then use FileMaker’s “replace” command (Records/Replace Field Contents) to change all the found initials. This can easily be done on the Search screen of the Full or Pro versions of the calendar.

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