Serving The Calendar

How do I Serve CC Calendar for Multiple Users?

Applicable Versions: Free, Full, Pro.

Unlike the FileMaker 6 version of our calendar, which had both a local file and a set of served files, version 5.4 is a single file solution, so you can simply host CC Calendar on your FileMaker7 server or on your FileMaker 7 host in a peer-to-peer environment. The CCCalendar.fp7 file ships with Sharing turned “on” for “all users”, though your copy of FileMaker 7 may have Network Sharing “off”.

To review these settings go to FileMaker / Sharing / FileMaker Network.

Note that we highly recommend using FileMaker Pro Server, even for small numbers of users. The data protection and backup utilities offered by FileMaker 7 Pro Server are simply invaluable. Furthermore, FileMaker 7 puts more of the work onto the server and, in a peer-to-peer situation (where there is no server), that work is sent to the host machine, often putting it under a very large load and decreasing performance for all users.

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