List And Table View

Getting the most out of List and Table view in the Calendar

The calendar's list and table views behave a little differently from those in the contacts and projects components.

You can arrive at list view by clicking on the list icon in the calendar header (two icons to the left of the little house icon).

Note that clicking on this will bring up a found set matching the view you were looking at: if you click on the list icon from the day view you'll arrive at a found set matching the records for that day and respecting any filters that might be in place. Clicking on the list icon from the month view would bring up appointments starting that month.

Note that only items starting or ending in the month, week, etc. show up when you jump to list or table view. Items "spanning" the week or month aren't automatically included in your found set: to include those you'll need to search for them.

Once in the list view you can refine your found set by clicking the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen, below all the appointments, to see it. You can use any of FileMaker's search functions at this point and if you aren't familiar with these I'd suggest searching FileMaker's built in help for "Extend Found Set" and "Constrain Found Set" as these are _very_ helpful commands.

Once you have the found set you're interested in, the print button at the bottom of the list screen offers the most useful of the calendar's printing options. Feel free to duplicate and modify the layout we use for this ("Print - Appointments") to create additional reports.

You can also switch between list and table view by clicking on the table view icon to the right of the list icon. Table view offers you some additional options.

Export to Excel

First, you can export to Excel from table view-- since FileMaker's export routine takes all the fields on the layout, its nice to do this from table view where there are no interface or extraneous fields present. To include new fields in this export, simply add them to the table view layout.

Export to iCal

You can also export the found set to iCal from table view. See Import or Export iCal for more information.

Exiting List or Table View

The best way to exit list or table view is to click on the "Form View" icon (the rectangle to the left of the list icon). This will close the floating list or table window and take you back to the calendar.

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