Printing Letters

How do I print letters & envelopes?

You'll see a set of Print buttons at the bottom of the Contact's Form and List view screens. There are separate buttons for printing "letters" and "envelopes". Both routines will print a letter or envelope for either the current record or the found set of records (you're asked which options you'd like after you click the buttons).

If you choose to print the found set instead of a single record, you'll find the the sort order of the found set is preserved between printing routines. This means that your envelopes and letters will print in the same order.

How do I create new letter templates?

When you click the "letter" button in the print button bar, you're presented with a pop-up window from which you can select which letter template to use.

You can easily add to this list by creating new letter templates. Simply enter layout mode from the contact's overview screen and navigate to the last layouts in the file. These layouts begin with "Letter - ". You can duplicate any of these "Letter - " layouts as the basis for your own layout. As long as you keep the "Letter - " at the beginning of the layout name then your new layouts will appear in the pop-up window from which they can be selected.

The content of the letter, the body, is "on" the layout as a text object so that it can include merge fields. Using the letters in this way, you'd create a new layout (or modify an existing layout) for each letter you'd need. If you don't need merge fields in your letter body, consider making one layout with a global field for its body text so that you can reuse the same letter layout over and over.

Why is the list of possible letter layouts blank?

There are a couple possible reasons for this. Firstly, this list is populated by a script during the print scripts. If you just navigate to this layout by hand you may not see the correct list. Next, you may have renamed the value list "Letter Layouts"; that name must be exactly that. Finally, you may have no layouts beginning with "Letter - " which is our criteria for including the layout in the list.

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