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Will SeedCodeContacts work with Citrix or Terminal Services?

Yes, but Terminal Services isn't the best with transparent graphics and while these aren't used a lot in the Contacts and Projects section of the solution, they are used frequently in the calendar component, especially in the Gantt Charts and the Scheduing tab. We suggest you download and serve our free calendar or our demo version to see what effect this has.

Unfortuantely, we don't have a version without this transparency. There are only two kinds of fields you need to worry about, though. The first are the colors used for the appointment type color coding. You can find these on the About / Settings screen. Some of these are partially transparent: simply paste in new color objects which are opaque and you'll be all set here.

A little more difficult are the day-masking fields used on the month view (these are also used on the mini calendars for items outside the current month). You'll want to replace these with opaque versions and then move these fields behind all the appointment information on the month view. When it comes to the mini-calendars you'll want to to the same move-behind thing, but that can be tedious so you may just want to remove the previous and next month mini calendars from the day view.

You can find these day-masking images as the 7 repetitions of IntDayBackgroundRept on the Interface section of the About tab.

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