What Is the Reset Button For?

The calendar component of SeedCodeContacts utilizes a six record “interface table”, containing one record for each possible week in a month. Should additional records get created or should a record get deleted from the Calendar table, the month view will cease to function properly. If this happens, press the “reset” button in the lower right corner of the monthly view. This will delete all your existing SeedCodeCalendar records (just the interface records- not your appointments) and create six new, properly formatted records for you.

Remember, records in the Calendar table are NOT your appointment records- Calendar records are really part of the interface.

In addition to the one on the monthly view, you can also find a reset button in the lower right of the About screen.

Note that we're using a Custom Menu to control Deleting Contacts and this menu will prevent accidental deletions of Calendar Records. It will not, however prevent accidental creation of new interface records which can also require a reset. You can use FileMaker's built in access privileges to prevent creating new records in the Calendar table, or modify our custom menu to do something similar.

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