Sample Data

How to I Delete the Solution's Sample Data?

This is pretty straightforward.


From the Daily tab click the "List View" icon. From there you can select "Show All Records" from FileMaker's Records menu and then select Records / Delete all Records.

Other Tables

In the rest of the solution things are a little trickier since we have related phone, address, and project data for each contact. And, we're using a custom menu to control deleting contacts which have significant things attached to them. This can make mass deletion a little tricky so its best do do things in order...

FileMaker Advanced

If you have FileMaker Advanced, the easiest thing to do is use Tools / Custom Menus to switch the menus back to "[Standard FileMaker Menus]" temporarily. This will let you simply batch delete all the relevant records without our orphan control scripts kicking in. If you're doing this, simply navigate to the contacts layout and use Records / Delete All Records to delete the contacts and then do the same from the Projects layout. Then enter layout mode and navigate to the "Addresses" and the "PhoneFaxEmail" layouts, deleting all the records in each.

That's all there is to it.

Note that you don't have to have FileMaker Advanced to turn this menu off, but it's easier if you do. To turn the custom menu off without FileMaker Advanced, read the "Turning off the Custom Menu" section here: Deleting Contacts.

Without FileMaker Advanced


Having deleted all the sample date from the calendar, there is no project activity to get in the way of your deletions. However, we still prevent you from deleting a project that has phases associated with it. So, you'll want to delete the phases first.

Navigate to the Project tab and click the Phases section. Enter find mode and search for an asterisk in the "phase of" field. This will find all the records that are phases. Use Records / Delete All Records to delete these. Having done so, select Records / Show All Records and you may now delete all the remaining projects.


Now that all the projects and activity has been deleted the only thing to interfere with the deletion of contacts is that you can not delete companies which have contacts associated with them. The simplest way around this is to find all the companies (search on the "record is a company" check box) and then select Records / Show Omitted Only to find all the records that are not companies. Then select Records / Delete All Records to remove them.

You can then select Records / Show All Records and delete them remaining company records.

That's it.

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