Searching Phone, Email, or Address Records.

What we're doing.

On the contact's overview tab, you'll see the contacts's main phone, fax, and email record. However there can be other phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers associated with the contact: these are revealed when you click the "more" button to the right of "Main Phone & Email".

So, when you're searching these phone, fax, or email fields, we don't want to limit you to just the "main" entries. Rather, we want you to be be able to search any of the contact's entries. To accomplish this we stack two fields on top of each other for each of these. For example, the main phone number field is only enterable in browse mode. Beneath it lies the same field from a different relationship: one that isn't just true for the "main" phone number, but for all phone, fax, email, and web entries. This field is only available in find mode.

We're doing the same thing anywhere your can search on a field that is "filtered". So, when you search a contact's projects--which can be filtered by "active"--you're actually searching a related field from a relationship that is true for all the contact's projects, independent of the active status. Only in this way can you actually find all the contacts who have a certain kind of project, phone number, email address, etc.

Why you need to know about it.

This technique won't get in your way unless you start moving layout objects around or adding and removing fields from portals. In both these circumstances, just keep in mind that there may be a field below the one you can see. To find out if there is, simply enter layout mode and use the arrow keys to nudge the field you can see down a few pixels. Then edit / select all to highlight all the objects on the layout: this will show you the black "handlebars" of any objects that may be hidden beneath your field. To manipulate or move these hidden objects, just drag-select them and either move them as you normally would, or bring them to the front using the arrange menu.

On some layouts where there are a lot of objects, such as the Activity tab of the Contact's screen, we group the "find" fields with the white rectangle which covers them. This makes it easy to grab this rectangle and move it out of the portal before ungrouping its contents to work with the "find" fields.

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