Phone Numbers

How does the software decide which phone, fax and email entries show up on the overview screen?

This screen displays the first "phone", "fax" or "email" entry marked as "main". To mark items as main, or switch the main number for a contact, click "more" to the right of "Main Phone & Email".

How many phone numbers may be associated with one contact or company?

You may create nearly as many phone numbers as you'd like for each contact or company record. The same applied to emails, URLs, cell numbers, and fax numbers. To enter more than the basic 3 items shown on the contact's Overview Screen, click "more" to the right of "Main Phone & Email". There you'll see a mini window where you can create additional phone, fax, or email records.

Note that if you'd rather see that portal of phone numbers on the overview screen instead of the "main" phone, fax, and email records, you can easily do that. Simply navigate to the first of the "Contact Seed Code" layouts in layout mode. These layouts contain alternate layout objects that you can paste on to any contact layout. Copy the whole "Phone, Fax, Email & Web" section from this layout and paste it on to the Contact's Overview layout.

Can I automatically format phone numbers like (###) ###-#### ?

Sure. There are a number of custom functions to help you do this but we have not built any into this template as we really felt than none of them handled exceptions well enough. Check out some of these by search for "phone" at or

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