Can the Calendar Set Alarms or Give Me Some Kind of Notice When Appointments Are Coming Up?

SeedCodeCalendar does not have any kind of alarms function built into it, though you can easily add one.

The trick here is to get FileMaker to run a script every so often- once you can do that, you can have a script that finds upcoming appointments, or finds them and then emails you about them.

In order to run a script like this (every x minutes, for instance), you'll create a script schedule on FileMaker Pro Server 10. You'll need a plugin if you're using an older version of server, something like the ScriptFire plugin from (In some of our installations, we have a simple FileMaker client running a similar plugin as an unattended agent. This agent machine can then do other automated tasks like email notifications, reports, etc.)

Once you can run a script every X minutes, simply write a script that looks for appointments coming up in the next X minutes and emails a reminder. You'll also likely want to then tag the event that the reminder has been sent or you could end up sending more than one from the same event.

For more information on this, search our support forum for “alarms”:

Note that email notifications are built in to SeedCode Complete.

Using Growl

If you're a little adventurous and on a Mac, you can use Growl to send notifications to Mac users on your network (who have growl installed) and/or to their iPhones (which need Prowl installed). Though a little tricky, this is wicked sexy. Thanks to Todd Geist for the tutorial

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