Serving The Calendar

How Do I Serve SeedCodeCalendar for Multiple Users?

SeedCodeCalendar is all set to be shared by multiple users. You can simply host the calendar on your FileMaker Pro Server or using FileMaker Pro in a peer-to-peer environment. This file ships with Sharing turned “off” for “all users”, however, so you'll want to change that by going to File / Sharing / FileMaker Network.

Note that we highly recommend using FileMaker Pro Server, even for small numbers of users. The data protection and backup utilities offered by FileMaker Server are simply invaluable. Furthermore, new versions of FileMaker put more of the work onto the server and, in a peer-to-peer situation (where there is no server), that work is sent to the host machine, often putting it under a very large load and decreasing performance for all users.

If you wish to assign some of your events to different users, and then filter the calendar so that users can see just their own appointments (while others may be looking at all appointments) you’ll want to take a look at our Pro Versions of the calendar as there isn’t really any easy way to do that in this free version.

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