Can Events Span Multiple Days?

Yes, you can have events span midnight (and thus effectively span more than one day) or you can specify an end date and have your event take up multiple days that way.

Our Pro versions support both multi-day appointments and repeating appointments, including odd repetitions like “the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month”, which this free version does not.

Can I Enter a Default Duration for Each Appointment?

Absolutely. You’ll do this by editing the field definitions of the Events table, changing the definition of the TimeEnd field.

Let’s say you want each appointment to default to a duration of 1 hours. To begin, select File / Manage / Database. Select the “Fields” tab of the Define Database panel and select Events from the pop-up list of possible tables. You can now edit the field definition for the =TimeEnd to give it a duration. Double click on that field and select the Auto Enter tab of the Field Options window if that tab is not already selected. You’re going to click on the check box beside “Calculated Value”. Once you do, you’ll be taken to a calculation window where you can type in the following:

TimeStart + ( 60 ''' 60 )

Remember that FileMaker thinks of time in seconds, so we need to multiple 60 seconds by 60 minutes to get a duration of 1 hour. Close the calculation window by clicking OK and then uncheck the check box beside “Do not replace existing value of field (if any).” That’s it; now each newly created appointment will have a duration of 1 hour- though you can change the duration by simply editing the appointment’s end time. Note that with the “Do not replace existing value...” box unchecked, any changes to the appointment’s start time will recalculate the end time again.

Remember, end times are completely optional in SeedCodeCalendar, so you don’t need to enter them if you don’t want to.

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