Your Own Event Layouts

What if I already have layouts for my events table: do I have to use yours?

No. You can certainly use your own. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

Event List

There are a few script steps that reference this layout (such as when you wish to see repeating events as a list) so rename your event list layout to "Event List" before importing the scripts in your integration. After the scripts are in you can rename your layout back to whatever you'd named it before.

Event Details

The event details layout is the one we go to when clicking on an event in the calendar and when making a new one from within the calendar. Thus a lot more scripts point to this layout.
This is a mini window (a small window) so you can still see calendar events behind it while you're editing the event: we also kept it small because we bring up several of these small windows when you click on a conflicting event.
So, you may want to keep our Event Details layout even if you already have one, since it can be convenient to have a small, quick reference version of the event. What many people do is add a button to our Event Details layout (which is fully customizable, by the way) which jumps to their larger Event Details layout...

Can I jump right from the Event Details layout to my own event layout?

Yes, we've built a script for this already. Simply add a new button to the Event Details layout and call the script "Jump to Event in My Layout ( EventID )" using your Event ID as the script parameter (just send the ID itself, not "EventID..." ). Then edit this script to use your event ID field and the layout of your choice to display event details.

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