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Can I click a button in the calendar to see the event in one of my layouts?


When you click on an event in the calendar it comes up in the Event Details mini window. We already have a script written that will close this window and take you to the event record in another layout in your solution.

So add a button to the Event Details window, and add the script "Jump to Event in My Layout ( Event ID )" to this button: add the field containing the primary key (unique ID) of your event as the script parameter. For example, this would be SampleEvents::_id in the sample events table that comes with the calendar.

Now edit the script "Jump to Event in My Layout ( Event ID )" and you'll see two areas that need you to modify them: the first specifies the layout you'd like to see your event in, and the second is a SetField that probably says Field Missing: you'll need to point that at the sample events field in your table so it looks something like this:

SetField [SampleEvents::_id; Get ( ScriptParameter )]

That's it.

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