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What is the latest build of SeedCode Calendar Free?

The version number for your copy of the calendar can be found at the top of the Home layout or in the field BuildNumberCalc in the CalendarInterface table.

Latest Build The latest build is 1.1 (5/14/2011). We finally added our new phone number to the home screen and changed the Create / Edit... script to make it more effecient in getting to the source layout. If you'd like to make this change in your copy, download 1.1 and copy all the steps from this script into your copy of the script.

Build 1.09 (8/31/2010). This fixes a fairly obscure bug where if you have more than 6 multi-day events overlapping on the same days, you may get incorrect "X more" totals on the month and week views. If this is you, you'll find instructions to fix this in your copy here:

Build 1.08 (7/22/2010). We made a couple cosmetic changes to get the calendar looking its best on FileMaker GO for iPad. Most importantly, we changed the Version Check script so it doesn't look for a version if Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 3

Build 1.07 (7/8/2010). We fixed a bug where multi-day items ending on the first day of the month could span the whole month. To make this change in your copy, edit the script "Insert into Calendar - Write additional days ( Date )" and insert the following 3 lines after the first SetVariable() line:

If [ GetAsDate ( CalendarRows::DateRangeStartAutoGlob ) + $$sc_Column - 1 ≥ GetAsDate ( $$sc_DateTimeEnd [ $$sc_SourceInUse ] ) ]
Exit Script [ ]
End If

That's it!

Build 1.06 (6/4/2010). We made a small change to the mini-calendar so that clicking in dates outside the current month refreshes the month view without an extra click. You can find instructions for making this change in your copy here: We also made the small change inspired by Geoff here:

Build 1.05 (3/16/2010). This version makes a small repair to prevent the calendar from refreshing incorrectly when new windows are opened. To make this repair in your copy, Edit the script "Load Calendar Layout" and find the comment "So we don't run this on spawning new windows...."

Change the If() statement the follows from this:

Get ( WindowLeft ) ≤ - 2000

To this:

Get ( WindowLeft ) ≤ - 2000 or Get ( WindowName ) ≠ $$sc_SolutionWindowName

That's it. Be sure to change your build number calc to 1.05 so you get properly notified of new builds. Enjoy!

Build 1.042 (2/14/2010). We made a small change in this build to make it easier for folks to paste the calendar into solutions that are using a custom window name instead of the name of the file. If you think this applies to you you'll want to make the following changes to your version of download the latest free version [url=]here[/url].

Add a Set Variable line to the Upon uponing script (towards the end) setting the variable "$$sc_SolutionWindowName" to Get ( Window Name ). Add this right above the comment "Show the calendar's home layout (optional)".
Next replace "Get ( FileName )" in the following scripts with "$$sc_SolutionWindowName" (without the quotes):
Jump to Event in My Layout ( Event ID )
Close Window & Refresh Calendar
Go to Calendar Tab ( Tab Name )
Help { Page Name }

That's it. Be sure to change your build number calc to 1.042 so you get properly notified of new builds. Enjoy!

Build 1.041 (2/4/2010). This build makes a small change in the definition of the calc CalendarInterface::DateDisplayCalc. To make this change in your copy, change the field's definition to this:

Let ( [
d = CalendarRows::DateFocusGlob
] ;
Case (
$$sc_Mode = "Month" ; MonthName ( d) & " " & Year ( d ) ;
PatternCount ( $$sc_Mode ; "Week" ) ; "Week of " & MonthName ( d ) & " " & Day ( d ) & ", " & Year ( d ) ;
DayName ( d ) & ", " & MonthName ( d ) & " " & Day ( d ) & ", " & Year ( d )
) // End Case
) // End Let

That's it. Be sure to change your build number calc to 1.041 so you get properly notified of new builds. Enjoy!

Build 1.04 (2/2/2010) Our first public build.

Build 1.03 (1/19/2010) This removed the unreferenced elements from the 1.02 BETA and added support for Japanese date formats.

Build 1.02 (1/19/2010) First solid build; uploaded to the Pause On Error attendees.

Build 1.01 (1/18/2010) First clean build.

Build 1.0 (1/17/2010) Private, forked from Pro build.

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