Enhanced Versions

What Additional Features are Offered in the Pro Calendars?

Our enhanced (Pro) versions include color coding, filters, and links between your events and your contacts' records. Other features include...

Drag and drop to reschedule events or change their duration.
Assign events to Resource and Filter the Calendar by Resource. Show any resource(s) events or everything but a resource(s) appointments. Filter for one or several resource; resources can be Rooms, Trucks, Physicians, etc.
Color Code Events by “Type” Based on a User Defined list of Types. Filter the calendar by type.
Built in Contacts table linking Appointments to Contacts. This is a placeholder for a contacts table in your file and the calendar includes instructions for swapping out this placeholder table for yours.
Multi-Day Events and Repeating Events including odd repeats like the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Show records from more than one table in the same calendar; mix iCal sources in with your FileMaker event records.
View Appointment Times “in place” on the Week Tab so you can easily see gaps in your day.
Scheduling Views plot events on a grid of the day with Resources across the top and times down the left side (or vice versa).
Year View.
iCal import/export and web publishing options.
Instructions for pasting the Calendar into your own file. All Versions of our Calendar are Completely Unlocked for you to Modify.
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