Scrolling The Calendar

Can I add a scoll bar to the day, week, or month.


Note that this same technique can be used to make the calendar bigger without showing a scroll bar. If you have a massive monitor you can use the techniques below to change the number of rows, making your layout bigger instead of adding a scroll bar.

To do this, begin by editing the portals you're interested in to include a scroll bar (double click on the portal and select "show vertical scroll bar" from the Portal Setup screen). If you're not sure how to get to the different tabs (week, month, etc,) read this: calendar tabs.

Adding a scroll bar takes a few pixels away from the inside of the portal contents so you may want to make your portal wider (and your screen wider as well) to accommodate this: that can be easier than making all the portal contents narrower.

Next, edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---" and find the comment "How many portal rows are visible on the month screen?". You'll want to change both numbers (for the small and large calendar) so that there will be additional rows to scroll to.

How many records to show is kind of up to you, but since we want a number that divides evenly by 6 (for our month view) I'd suggest 78. After you've selected your number, run the Upon Opening script to see your changes take effect.

That's it.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind...

You can add a scroll bar to the month view also, this is pretty cool if you also increase the "rows per day" on the month view. Do this by editing the script "Load Calendar Settings - Each Redraw" where the first variable declared is $sc_RowsPerDay. This should be the number of rows shown divided by 6, or 13 if you've moved up to 78 rows above.
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