Server Settings

Your FileMaker Database

Some basic things that should be true about your FileMaker database for it to work with SeedCode Subscribe...

Your FileMaker database must be hosted in FileMaker Server.
For subscribed calendars to be able to get updates from outside your network, your server's IP address must be accessible from the internet. You can use the internal IP (which typically begins with "192" or "10") for testing, but you'll get errors on devices that move in and out of the firewall.
Note also that if your FileMaker Server is using an internal IP address, our public engine won't be able to see it either.

FM Server Address

This is the IP address or name ( of the FileMaker Server where your data lives: the data you'd like to publish as a calendar.

For multiple machine deployments (where FileMaker's Web Publishing Engine is on a different machine than the Database Engine) this is the address of the Web Publishing machine.

Login Information

The login account you use doesn't need to be a Full Access account, but the privilege set it uses must have XML and PHP access to the file, and at least view-only access to the selected layout and the mapped fields (tab 2 "map the fields") on that layout.

You don't need a password on the FileMaker account you use, but we advise that you use one for security reasons, and because some calendar applications, including iCal, will insist on it.

If you would like to hide the password and display only bullets, here are two free techniques you can use:

Auto-Bullet Fields by Ray Cologon

Hide Text Custom Function by Tim Scoff

What's this address?

That's one of SeedCode's servers and it holds the example solution "AppointmentsExample.fmp12" so folks can play with a FileMaker database without even using one of their own files (login info is Demo/Demo). Note that we don't have the seedcode_subscribe_engine installed on that server so you can only use it when "use public engine" is set to "on" on the "Server Settings" tab in the SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup.fmp12 file.

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