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Documentation and Integration Instructions for SeedCode Subscribe.

SeedCode Subscribe lets you publish data from your own hosted FileMaker solution to iCal, Google Calendar, and iOS Calendars via a simple PHP-powered application that you install on your server. No FileMaker plugins, no Java. No worries.

The latest version of SeedCode Subscribe is 0.74 (April 7, 2016) Version History

SeedCode Subscribe requires that your FileMaker file be hosted in FileMaker Server with both Web Publishing and PHP enabled.

SeedCode Subscribe is no longer available

Subscribe published read-only calendars from FileMaker Server using PHP; it could be difficult to set up and didn't have a read-write option.

SeedCode has now released DayBack Online which lets you use the award winning DayBack Calendar in a browser. You can publish read-only or read-write calendars and overlay your Google calendars in the same interface. DayBack Online gives your users one place to go for all their events.

SeedCode will continue to support existing SeedCode Subscribe deployments for folks on FileMaker Server 13 through 15.

We won’t be updating SeedCode Subscribe to work with new versions of FileMaker Server, however. So the changes made to php and web publishing in FM16 Server mean that Subscribe will likely not work in 16.

DayBack Online will continue to be supported in future versions of FileMaker Server. Upgrade discounts for DayBack online are available for all SeedCode Subscribe customers.

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