Your Layout

Create a layout for your calendar events

Choose a layout from the your database for FileMaker's Web-Publishing Engine to use. The fields that are on that layout are the ones you'll be able to choose from when completing the setup process. We advise that you create a plain, dedicated layout in your FileMaker file for this purpose, containing only the fields that will be involved in calendar publishing. Creating a dedicated layout means you don't have to mess with or compromise any of your user-interface layouts.

Don't worry, your users will never see this layout (unless you include it in your layouts menu).

Don't see your layout listed?

Make sure the layout you're looking for is visible by the privilege set assigned to the login account you're using. It is that account which governs what you can see in the "map the fields" and "filter criteria" tabs in SeedCode Subscribe.

Once you're sure you layout is there and is visible but the login info you entered in SeedCode Subscribe, click the refresh button to the left of "layout name" to try again.

Prohibited characters in layout names

None of the layouts in your FileMaker file may contain a period (.) or quotation mark (") in its name.

Can I use related fields?

Yes! Just put the related fields you want to be able to choose from on the designated layout in your file. You can filter on related fields, too.

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