How It Works

SeedCode Subscribe is actually pretty simple. It is made up of three parts.

1. SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup.fmp12

The SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup.fmp12 file is just a tool that builds your subscription URLs for you. These are the URLs you enter into iCal or Google Calendar to subscribe to the data that comes from your FileMaker database. Much of the work in the Setup file is in composing and validating these URLs and checking your configuration.
You can think of the subscription URL as a way of describing a find request for events in your FileMaker file.
As such, the SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup.fmp12 file does not need to be hosted on a server, unless you are using Google Calendar. Learn more about that here.

2. The seedcode_subscribe_engine folder

The seedcode_subscribe_engine folder sits on your FileMaker Server. The files it contains translate the URL requests from iCal or Google Calendar into find requests that act upon your FileMaker file, and then transforms the results into the data format iCal and Google Calendar expect.
When you're testing SeedCode Subscribe using our public engine, you're actually using our instance of the seedcode_subscribe_engine on our demo sever. (The free demo of SeedCode Subscribe does not include this seedcode_subscribe_engine folder)

3. Your FileMaker File

Your FileMaker file holds the data you'd like to see in the calendar. In the SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup.fmp12 you've specified which layout and which fields contain the specific data you'd like to see in any given calendar. The URL also holds attributes of the calendar that aren't in your data (like the calendar's color and name).
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