Remote PHP Deployments

Optional: installing Subscribe on a different server

Normally, the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder and its contents are installed on your FileMaker Server--the same FileMaker Server that is hosting that data you want to see in the calendar.

But it doesn't have to be installed there.

In fact, the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" can be installed on any Mac OS or Windows webserver running PHP 5.3 or higher.

Once installed, enter the path the folder in a browser like this (of course, replace "yourserver" with your webserver's actual IP address or domain name, and your path may vary): http://yourserver/seedcode_subscribe/

If you don't see the words "SeedCode Subscribe" in your browser, the SeedCode Subscribe engine is probably in the wrong location, or your have the path wrong. Review the installation instructions and make sure the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder is at the web root directory of your server.

If you see "?" you likely have a PHP conflict on that machine and you'll want to find PHP installation closer to the one FileMaker Server's web publishing installs.

Once you've installed the engine on a machine other than your FileMaker Server, you'll need to tell the engine where your FileMaker server is at: just enter its address in the "configuration.ini" file inside the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder. Open the configuration.ini file in a text editor and change "localhost" to your server address, then uncomment that line by removing the semi colon at the front of that line.

Without making that change, we will look for your "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder and your installation of FileMaker server at the same ip address.

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