Field Mapping

Select the fields in your FileMaker database that represent the corresponding fields in the iCal data format. Title, timestamp start and timestamp end are required, so if you don't have these fields in your database, you'll need to add them. Note that the starting and ending timestamp fields need to actually be of the data type "Timestamp". If your database just has date and time fields (that would not be uncommon), look at the "TimestampStartCalc" and "TimestampEndCalc" fields in the included "AppointmentsExample.fmp12" file to see how we've calculated timestamp values from date and time fields. Feel free to copy/paste these fields into your own file.

Description, time zone, color, location and URL are optional fields.

Can I use related fields?

Yes! Just put the related fields you want to be able to choose from on your SeedCode Subscribe layout. You can filter on related fields, too.

Read about special field-naming considerations for Google Calendar.

About your date fields...

Your event must have a start date: if the start date is empty SeedCode Subscribe will throw an error. So if some of your events have blank start dates you'll need to account for that in your filters so only events with start dates are in the calendar.
You can leave the end date blank but you must map to an end date field,
If an event's end date is before its start date, SeedCode Subscribe will change the end date to match the start date.
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