Where is SeedCode Subscribe?

What is the Correct Location for SeedCode Subscribe?

When Using the Public Engine

When using our public engine, just enter the address of your FileMaker Server.

When Using Your Own Installation of the Subscribe Engine

When you've purchased SeedCode Subscribe and installed the seedcode_subscribe_engine folder on your own FileMaker Server, enter the path to that folder. By default, we assume your FileMaker Server is on the same machine.
If your web server and FileMaker Server are on different machines, enter the FileMaker Server's address in the "configuration.ini" file, which can be found in the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder. Open the configuration.ini file in a text editor and change "localhost" to your FileMaker Server's address, then uncomment that line by removing the semicolon at the front of that line.
Don't see a green check mark or version number here? Check out our troubleshooting suggestions.
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