SeedCode Subscribe is no longer available

Subscribe published read-only calendars from FileMaker Server using PHP; it could be difficult to set up and didn't have a read-write option.

SeedCode has now released DayBack Calendar which lets you see your FileMaker events in a browser, in FileMaker client, or in WebDirect. You can publish read-only or read-write calendars and overlay your Google calendars in the same interface. DayBack gives your users one place to go for all their events.

SeedCode will continue to support existing SeedCode Subscribe deployments for folks on FileMaker Server 13 through 15.

We won’t be updating SeedCode Subscribe to work with new versions of FileMaker Server, however. So the changes made to php and web publishing in FM16 Server mean that Subscribe will likely not work in 16.

DayBack will continue to be supported in future versions of FileMaker Server. Upgrade discounts for DayBack online are available for all SeedCode Subscribe customers.

Validate Server Settings: Overview

Click the "Validate server settings" button on the "Server settings" screen to check for server-connection errors. Possible problems could include an incorrect SeedCode Subscribe address, or one that is only valid inside a network (internal IP addresses, which typically start with 192 or 10, won't work outside your firewall), an unrecognized FileMaker account name or incorrect password, an inapplicable layout name, or any of the required fields being left blank.

Don't see your database listed?

Make sure "Access via XML Web Publishing" is enabled for the privilege set used by the selected login account in your FileMaker file. Then open a browser and enter this URL:


Of course you have to replace the "yourserver" part with your actual server's IP address. If this fails to return a list of open databases then your server either isn't letting web publishing requests in, or XML web publishing isn't actually running on your server.

If the above step works, get on the FileMaker Server itself (either sit in front of that machine or open a remote control session to it), open a web browser and go to the following URL:


If that fails to return up the list of open databases then your web server is redirecting localhost. Try different IP address you know for that machine until you get a list of database names. When you find the right IP address you'll need to make a change to the seedcode_subscribe_engine/configuration.ini file. Open that file in a text editor and replace the word "localhost" with the IP address that worked to show XML above.

Another explanation could be special characters in the account name or password you're using. Try simplifying to use only letters and numbers to see if that makes a difference.

Don't see your layout listed?

Make sure the layout you're looking for is visible by the privilege set assigned to the account you've set up on tab 1 "Server Settings". It is that account which governs what you can see in the additional configuration tabs.

Make sure none of the layouts in your FileMaker file contains a period (.) or quotation mark (") in its name.

Trouble connecting to SeedCode Subscribe?

Try putting this URL in a browser (of course, replace "yourserver" with your webserver's actual IP address or domain name):


If you don't see the words "SeedCode Subscribe" in your browser, the SeedCode Subscribe engine is probably in the wrong location. Review the installation instructions and make sure the "seedcode_subscribe_engine" folder is at the web root directory of your server.

You must have both Web Publishing and PHP enabled in your FileMaker Server for SeedCode Subscribe to work. For help installing and configuring FileMaker Server, visit FileMaker's support pages.

Seeing errors that begin "PHP Notice:"

Such "notices" are the least important type of message you'll get from PHP and can be ignored. A notice like this will show up here because the PHP engine on your server is set to show all messages: it should not be. A production server shouldn't have this on and it's usually off by default so only fatal errors show up.

You should ask your IT folks to disable NOTICES on your server (since they likely *enabled* them). If that isn't an option you can override the server settings by adding the following line to yourserver/seedcode_subscribe_engine/index.php just above the line that starts with "require":


Don't see the field you want to choose in the drop-down list?

That list of fields comes from the layout you select, so if you haven't selected the layout, do that first. If the field you're looking for still isn't in the value list, you probably need to add it to that layout in your FileMaker file.

Could it be your field names?

Make sure none of the fields on the selected in your FileMaker file contains a period (.) or quotation mark (") in its name.

Read this for more info: FieldNames.

Event records with no start dates

This will cause an error when you click the "Test the Setup" button. Remember, if your event is just a single date or time, you want these values in the field you've mapped to "Timestamp Start". Another way to say this is that your "Timestamp End" field doesn't need to have data in it, but "Timestamp Start" does.

Special "multi-byte" characters (Windows only)

The "multi-byte string" PHP extension is required to correctly break long lines of text into 75-character chunks in languages that have multi-byte characters. Unfortunately, that extension is off by default in the PHP that FileMaker installs on Windows. If you have a Windows server and are working in a language that uses multi-byte characters (umlauts, etc.), turn that extension on to enable this function. Watch a video.

Encrypted files (Windows only)

Sometimes the seedcode_subscribe_engine folder will become encryped, which will prevent the application from working correctly. To correct this, right-click on the seedcode_subscribe_engine folder and select Properties > Advanced, then uncheck the "Encrypt contents..." check box.


Sometimes you will need to adjust the Permissions settings for one or more of the files in the seedcode_subscribe_engine folder. Make sure the "everyone" entry is set to "Read Only" for all of the files in the folder.

Spaces in field or table-occurrence names

We've found that having spaces in the names of the fields you use for filtering can cause problems (or in the table occurrence names if you're using related fields). Edit the name so it contains no spaces, then reselct the field on the "Enter filter criteria" tab and try again.

Private URL not working (Google)?

The Private URL uses the Guest login account in the SeedCode_Subscribe_Setup file, so make sure that hasn't been deactivated.

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