Filter Criteria

Here is where you can really fine-tune each calendar to show just a subset of your data. Enter one or more name-value pairs to define exactly which records appear on the calendar. This feature works just like FileMaker's "Perform Find" script step, so multiple filters work together as "AND" criteria (not "OR"). Currently, only the "equals" (=) operator is supported.

Are filters required?

No. If you want ALL of your event records to show up in iCal, just don't enter any filter criteria.

Can I use related fields?

Yes! Just put the related fields you want to be able to choose from on the designated layout in your file. You can filter on related fields, too.

Tips & Tricks

Use an asterisk ("*") to represent one or more wildcard characters.


We've found that having spaces in the names of the fields you use for filtering can cause problems (or in the table occurrence names if you're using related fields). Edit the name so it contains no spaces, then reselct the field on the "Enter filter criteria" tab and try again.

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