Why Can’t I See All the Hierarchy Items; Some Are Cut Off On the Right?

CC Hierarchy supports hierarchies up to 25 levels deep. Since the hierarchy offsets each level by a few pixels, very deep hierarchies can easily extend way off to the right (turning on legal notation extends them even further). Furthermore, many examples in this file show narrow hierarchy portals to save screen real estate, assuming that for many users, few hierarchies will go beyond 6 or 7 levels deep.

In short, if your item are getting cut off on the right you need to widen the hierarchy in layout mode, or un-nest (move) some of your items so the hierarchy isn’t as deep.

When widening the hierarchy, there are a few things to keep in mind. In layout mode select the repeating field which holds the items’ turndown arrows. Select Field Format and make sure this field shows as many repetitions as you expect to need when displaying the hierarchy (show one repetition for each level you expect to see). You’ll also find a container field behind the hierarchy item’s name; be sue to widen that as well when you’re widening the hierarchy portal.

Are There Any Limits to the Number of Items / Levels I Can Have in the Hierarchy?

Free Version

The free version is limited to 5 levels deep and no one item may have more than 999 siblings. By “5 levels” we mean something like this:

Level 1
Level 2 sibling 1
Level 2 sibling 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5 sibling 1
Level 5 sibling 2

Pro Version

The Pro Version can have up to 25 levels and any one item may have no more than 999 siblings. You can create more records than these limits indicate, but the hierarchy will not sort reliably once these limits are exceeded. Note that at 25 levels deep, the hierarchy takes quite a bit of room from left to right to display each item: taking even more room with legal notation turned on.

When using the “Partition” attribute of the Pro Version, each Partition must have at least one member in level 3 or above.

How Can I Limit the Depth of the Hierarchy?

You may wish to limit the depth of the hierarchy so that you don’t have hierarchy items moving off towards the right edge of your layouts as the hierarchy gets to deep.

To limit the depth of the hierarchy, make the following changes:

1. Children are created when you hold down the shift key when clicking “New Item” on the hierarchy editor. Examine the script “New Hierarchy Item” in CCHierarchy.fp7.
2. After the first “IF” statement in that script add a new If / EndIf statement. If the statement is true, beep and show a custom dialog saying that you can not create children of the current items as the hierarchy is limited in depth.
3. The “IF” statement you’re testing for would be if “Hierarchy::HrcyLevelCalc = 3” where “3” is the limit you’d like to set to the hierarchy.
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