What Is the Portal Rows Section On the Settings Screen For?

While FileMaker 7+ prevents portals from “popping” back to the top after you’ve scrolled them, many common actions in FileMaker can still cause this kind of portal pop. CC Hierarchy uses some simple scripts to make sure that the currently selected hierarchy item is always visible in the hierarchy portal.

An example is the “Manage Portal Scroll” script in this file. In order to make the scroll look as nice as possible, we need to know how many portal rows are visible on the layout in question. Since there is no way to get this information from FileMaker directly we have set up a field for this on the settings screen. Simply record the number of portals rows for any layout on which you’d like to scroll a hierarchy portal.

Note that if you decide to use something like this “Manage Portal Scroll” script in your own file, you’ll likely just want to hard code the number of portal rows you’re using. We’ve made ours based on this settings field as we have a lot of hierarchy examples here and we want them all to scroll nicely using a single script.

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