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How can I control Layout Options & Layout Visibility

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CC Hierarchy can be configured to change its behavior based on the Privilege Set Name of the logged in user. You can hide or reveal hierarchy items based on who is logged in. You can also change the behavior of layouts referenced by CC Hierarchy’s navigation, choosing to show or hide the status area and showing or dimming the New, List, Find, Dupe, and Delete buttons. All of these behaviors can change depending on who is logged in. Best of all, you can test the behavior of your menu and interface by using a “Test As” privilege set without re-logging in.

A Note About Security

CC Hierarchy is not a security system. It is best used an interface layer over FileMaker’s built-in security scheme. For instance, if you wish to prevent users of a given Privilege Set from deleting records in a table, you should set that up IN FileMaker’s access privileges. Then, setting up the same thing in CC Hierarchy can let you users know when they can delete records or not (the delete button will dim when they can’t). CC Hierarchy lets you manage these aspects of your interface, while FileMaker’s built in Access Privileges should be used to manage you’re actual security.

Getting Started: Defining Privilege Sets

The privilege sets referenced in CC Hierarchy need to to mirror those in FileMaker’s Access Privileges. So, begin by creating Privilege sets in your solution, and then move to the Setup tab of CC Hierarchy to create the same privilege sets there. You don’t need to create a record for the [Full Access] privilege set as CC Hierarchy doesn’t evaluate it’s Layout Options when someone is logged in as [Full Access]. (Unless, that is, you have indicated that you’d like to “Test As” a different privilege set.)

Visibility (Show in Menu)

Click the “Show in Menu” check box beside all those items that you wish to show up in the menu for each privilege set you’ve defined. You can preview your work by selecting a Test As privilege set and then toggling an item in the menu (toggling “resets” the menu).

Note that turning visibility off for an item will prevent all that item’s children from showing in the hierarchy as well. However, it won’t necessarily prevent someone from arriving at one of those layout through a direct navigation call, such as through the script “Go ( by Nickname )”. To prevent that, mark each item that should be inaccessible to Privilege Set to “Don’t show in menu” and don’t simply rely on having marked the item’s parent.

Additionally, setting items to "Don't Show In Menu" won't change the outlining or legal notation of items. So, if you have items I.A., I.B., and I.C., and have I.B. set not to show, the menu will show I.A. and I.C. in outline mode. Similarly, partitioning the hierarchy will also not change an item’s legal notation.

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