Privilege Sets

What Are Privilege Sets?

Pro Version Only.

“Privilege Sets” represent defined sets of permissions and access rights for your FileMaker databases. They are set up using the Define / Accounts & Privileges menu in FileMaker Pro. For more information about creating privilege sets, search FileMaker Pro’s built in help for “Privilege Set.”

You can elect to show or hide hierarchy items based on the privilege set of the logged in user. When using CC Hierarchy as a navigation engine, you can also change layout behavior based on privilege sets. To do this you’ll need to teach CC Hierarchy about your privilege sets by creating one record for each privilege set on the Settings section of the Hierarchy’s About tab.

Once you’ve done that, open the “Navigation Layout Options & Visibility” portal in the lower left of the Hierarchy tab. This will let you define additional options for each hierarchy item in each privilege set.

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