Moving Items

How Can I Move Items From One Place to Another in the Hierarchy?

Pro Version Only.

The Pro Version of the Hierarchy lets you move items around, making them children of other items, nesting and un-nesting them within different nodes of the hierarchy.

This works very much like sorting items does; be sure to see Sorting to learn more about manipulating the appearance of the hierarchy.

To move an item first navigate to the Hierarchy tab of CC Hierarchy and select the item that you’d like to move (the selected item will now be green). Click “move” at the top of the Hierarchy Items portal; the selected item will now turn gray. Next, navigate through the hierarchy as you need to until you find the place where your like to move your selected item. When you click on a destination item you’ll see it turn gray was well and its display will read “To here”. If you don’t select the correct item the first time, don’t worry, you can select a different item without incident.

At this point clicking OK will move the “from” item to be a peer (a sibling) of the “to” item. The item will be move into the sort order directly after the “to” item. Note that you can move an item from any place in the hierarchy to any other place, from a deeply nested location to the top level, or from being nested within one item to being nested within another. In this way you can nest and un-nest items. Also note that all an items’ children will move with it.

This is very cool feature and very easy to use once you get the hang of it. The only thing to remember is that there already needs to be a hierarchy item at your destination before you move an item there. That is, if you want to make an existing item a child of item X, and item X has no children yet, you’ll need to create a child of item X, move your item beside this newly created child, and then delete the item you’d created.

Finally, note that item attributes are not changed when an item is moved: items will keep any partition or Layout Visibility attributes they might have even if they are moved to nest within items of a different partition or visibility.

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