How Do I Sort Hierarchy Items?

Navigate to the Hierarchy tab of CC hierarchy and select an item that you’d like to sort and click the green “Sort” button at the top of the Hierarchy Items portal. All items which are peers (siblings) of the selected item will then be highlighted in gray: these are the items that you can sort relative to each other. Note that if you sort an item that has children, its children will sort with it and follow it in the sort order.

Each item available to be sorted (those items highlighted in gray) will have a sort number beside it representing its current sort value. Simply change or add decimals to these numbers to reflect the sort order you’d like to see. Click OK when you’re done and the items will take on the new sort order.

Note that the sort order of hierarchy items is not per-user. The order of hierarchy items are attributes of the items themselves and are shared among all users; you can not sort the hierarchy differently for different users.

See Moving Items to learn more about moving items to be children of other items (Pro Version only).

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