How Do I Secure CC Hierarchy?

CC Hierarchy ships without any passwords or security in place. You’ll likely want to add some basic security to this system before you deploy it. In most cases this will mean simply adding to CC Hierarchy whatever security you have in place in your existing solutions.

There are just a few additional things you might want to keep in mind.

First, we strongly suggest that you edit the adjust window script in CC Hierarchy to lock the status area instead of just hiding it.

Additionally, if you plan to use the Navigation Layout Visibility and Security section (Pro Versions only), make sure that you create privilege sets in CC Hierarchy that match those used in the rest of your system. You can then use the security options in the lower left of the Hierarchy tab to restrict some menu items to certain privilege sets.

Note that you can test the Privilege Sets aspects of CC Hierarchy without actually creating any privilege sets. Simply use the “Test As” feature in the Navigation Layout Options section of the Hierarchy tab.

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