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How Many Navigation Tabs Does CC Hierarchy Support?

Pro Version Only.

The tabbed interface examples included with CC Hierarchy let you build tabs on your layouts based on hierarchy items (see Hierarchy / Examples / Navigation / Dynamic Tabs and Dynamic “Aqua” Tabs). We have included global fields and code for 10 tabs, though some of our example files use fewer tabs on each layout. There is no real reason for this limit except that we like to limit the number of choices a user is presented with at any one time. You can increase this limit by

a) adding additional global fields in Hierarchy globals along the lines of GlobTabName01, and GlobTabIDX01.
b) adding more If() and SetField() steps for these new fields in the “Navigate (Load Tabs)” script in this file.

Note that when we’re speaking of tabs here, this is different from the “depth” of the hierarchy: search this FAQ for “levels” to learn about how many items and levels the hierarchy supports.

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