How Can I Change the Icons Beside a Hierarchy Item?

You can navigate to the “Settings” section of the Setup tab to maintain a list of potential icons. Simply paste new icons into the icon field or put your cursor in that field and select “Picture” from the “Insert” menu. If you use the insert menu, be sure that you unchecked the option to store only a reference to the image. (Icons should be about 16px square).

You may create nearly any number of icons; these are associated with Hierarchy items using the “icon” name field in the upper right of the Hierarchy tab. Simply select an item from he Hierarchy and then change its icon name in the right section of the screen under “Edit Selected Item”.

Icons with transparent backgrounds (such as images saved in the .png format) work best when a hierarchy item is highlighted and its background turns green. (Note that if you want to change this highlight color, you’d do that in the “interface” section of the About tab.

Be sure to see this note about printing hierarchy items' icons.

Can I Add Icons to Other Buttons Besides “Find”?

Pro Version Only.

The Dynamic Tab navigation examples in the Pro Hierarchy have a little magnifying glass icon next to the “find” button. This is the only one of the toolbar buttons that has an icon, though it need not be the only one.

The code for adding additional icons is already in place, just create global container fields for the actual icons in the Interface table of CCHierarchy.fp7 and then edit the calc "GlobNavLayoutButtonDisplayIconsCalc" in the HierarchyGlobals table to reference the additional container fields you’ve created. Finally, copy the field used for the magnifying glass and paste different copies of this beside the other buttons changing the repetition number as needed.

Can I Make an Items Icon (Or Turn-Down Arrow) a Separate Button From the Item’s Name?

Not really. The only way to do this would be to make the icons or arrows stay flush to the left of the hierarchy and not follow the indent of hierarchy items. We believe that following the indent is more attractive and makes the hierarchy easier to read, but this does require that we have a lot of “potential” field repetitions for the icons / arrows and making them all into a button would be about the same as making the whole row into a button.

How Can I Replace the “Turn Down” Arrows With Some Other Image?

Simply go to the “Interface” section of the Setup tab and paste new graphics into the 2nd and 3rd repetitions of the field IntHierarchyArrowGlob. Repetition 1 should always be blank, repetition 2 holds the “item-is-open” icon, and repetition 3 holds the “item-is-closed” icon.

Be sure to do this when you have “sole access” to the file: most reliably done by taking the file off FileMaker Pro Server. Globals reset on a multi user system do not persist past that “session” and will be gone when you next reopen the file.

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