How to I Change the Look of CC Hierarchy or Change the “Tabs” Like Blank and About?

All the interface objects, like the tabs and rounded corners used in CC Hierarchy, are stored in global fields. you can access these field directly on the About / Interface tab of CC Hierarchy. (A second layout, “Interface”, contains the actual container objets pasted onto the layout as a backup.) Many of these graphics need to be edited in Photoshop as they are not FileMaker objects. Aside from the contents of these global fields, you can edit the layouts in CC Hierarchy just as you’d edit any other FileMaker layouts. (From ScriptMaker, run the “Show Status Area” script to gain access to the layout stat bar.)

The names of each tab (”Setup”, “Blank”, etc.) are stored in global text fields and are editable right on the About / Interface tab of CC Hierarchy.

Note: if you’ve made a clone of CC Hierarchy, the graphics in these global fields will be erased. Simply return to the Interface layout (layout no. 2) and select each graphic from the layout, enter browse mode, and paste it into the global field to the left of each graphic. Be sure to do this when you have “sole access” to the file: most reliably done by taking the file off FileMaker Pro Server. Globals reset on a multi user system do not persist past that “session” and will be gone when you next reopen the file. (You can also just import records into your clone from the interface table of a non-cloned file.)

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