Can I Use Text Formatting in the Hierarchy?

Yes. Any formatting attributes you apply to the Item Name in the hierarchy editor will be preserved when the hierarchy item is displayed.

You can also modify the hierarchy so that text styles are automatically applied to items at certain levels. You may want all your top-level items to be bold, for instance. To do this, find the term “Trim ( HrcyName )” in the HrchyNameDisplayCalc field in CCHierarchy.fp7

You’ll replace this term with a case statement like this:

Trim( Case ( HrchyLevelCalc = 1, TextStyleAdd ( HrcyName ; “Bold” ) ; HrchyLevelCalc ? 3, TextSize ( HrcyName ; 9 ) )

This example would make the top level items bold and reduce the font size of items in levels 3 and lower.

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