Files And Media

Additional Item Attributes: Files & Media.

Pro Version Only.

Using the fields in this section, you can have hierarchy items open URLs instead of going to layouts within FileMaker.

In a similar fashion, you can associate hierarchy items with files or folders on your hard drive (or on mounted drives). The script called by the “Insert File” button on the Hierarchy tab stores only a reference to the file in question: this allows you the option of opening either the associated file itself or opening its enclosing folder. Note that in multi-user scenarios, all your users will need the same absolute path to any documents you reference in order to open them through the hierarchy.

Hierarchy items may be associated EITHER with Navigation options OR with File & Media attributes. (If an item has both navigation and file/media attributes, the navigation attributes take precedence.)

Why Can’t CC Hierarchy Find a File?

If you’re getting a “Can’t Find File” message it is likely because the hierarchy can’t find one of the Demonstration Files. It may be that you have moved or renamed the demonstration files without editing or removing the file references to those files. If you don’t want to remove the file references completely, you can simply remove references to those files from the Upon Opening and Upon Closing scripts in the hierarchy; with that done you’ll only be prompted for the files when trying to define fields or edit the Navigate (Go to File) script.

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