Calendar Tabs

How can I change the way the calendar looks?


The calendars tabs are part of the web viewer so you edit them in scripts and calcs instead of in layout mode.

Removing a Tab

If you're not using a particular tab you can remove it by editing the script "Load Calendar Settings..." and finding the comment "Hide Menu items". Edit the calc that follows and you'll be able to supply a list of tab names to hide. Note that you'll always supply the english name of the tab. even if you've translated it for display.

To disable the 3-dots notifications menu at the far right of DayBack, enter "Notifications".

You can also use this calc to hide items from only some users: just wrap any entries to the “$$sc_HideMenuItems” variable in IF() statements that are only true for users who should have the menu removed. For example, the following will remove an item for everyone but full access users:

If ( Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ≠ "[Full Access]" ; "NameOfItemToRemove" )

After changing anything in this script, run the "Upon Opening" script to see your changes take effect.

Renaming a Tab

Changing the name of a tab is done the same way you alter any interface text in the webviewer: by editing the translation.js file. This is really simple and you can learn more about it here: translation.

The Calendar Defaults to the Month View; Can I Change That?

Yes. Edit the script "Upon Opening" and right near the bottom you'll see the comment "Go to Calendar". The following script contains a parameter that determines which mode we land on by default. Simply change "Mode = Month" to whatever view you'd like to be the default.

For reference you can find a list of the possible modes (views) here: modes in the calendar.

How Does the Home Tab Work?

When you click on the "home" tab we run a script called "Go to Calendar Home". Feel free to edit that script to take users wherever you'd like.

How Can I Change the Default SideBar Tab?

The left hand sidebar currently defaults to home, you can make another tab the default by editing the script "Load Calendar Settings..." and changing the value of the variable "$sc_DefaultTab"

Can I Change the Way Tabs Look (their color and shape)?

Yes: this all done by editing the theme's css. Once you're in the editor, search for "tab" and you're on your way. Tips and a video showing how we edit the CSS can be found here: editing themes.

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