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When Do I Need to Click the "Refresh" Button In DayBack?

("Refresh" was added in version 9.49)

DayBack won't just render events added by other users unless you do something to ask it to. Almost anything you do will cause this, such as changing filters, navigating to another day, etc. But if you don't want to change your view and just want to see if other users have added events, you can click the refresh button to be sure.

The other case when you may want it involves how DayBack decides when to ask FileMaker for new events. In versions prior to 9.49, whenever you navigated in DayBack we called back to FileMaker (or FileMaker Server) for the data you're viewing. This could be slower than it needed to be as DayBack often already has the data you needed. For example, if you're on the week view and click on a day within that week, we *already have* that day's events and don't necessarily need to go back to FileMaker and get it again. Same thing if you're on the Resource tab and click to show additional resources: we already have those events and don't need to go get them. Same thing if you switch from Schedule to List view, or if you change time scales: DayBack already has the events it needs to display.

So starting with version history version 9.49, DayBack will only get events from FileMaker when you navigate to a new or broader date range or when you apply one of the filters. To give you more control over this we've added the "refresh" button that will let you tell DayBack to get events again regardless.

To refresh the calendar on your own, call the script "Refresh Calendar".

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