System Requirements


DayBack requires FileMaker Pro 13.0v2 or higher. And FileMaker Server 13x or higher if you're using Server. DayBack is best in FileMaker 15-19.

The calendar does not use any plugins. It works on Mac, Windows, and on iPads and iPhones using FileMaker Go. DayBack utilizes the WebViewer in FileMaker and the WebViewer engine is based on the current native version of your web browser. On the Mac that is Safari and on Windows that is Internet Explorer.

DayBack requires Internet Explorer 10 or greater on Windows and Safari 5.1 or later on MacOSX.

Sharing online requires a single-user license (or a free 30-day trial) to DayBack Online.

Do I need an internet connection?

DayBack can be used without an internet connection most of the time. However, it does require an internet connection for a few things. You'll need an internet connection to activate the product. If it is a subscription license DayBack stores the subscription renewal date and it will need an internet connection when that date arrives (you'll have a couple of days grace period just in case). Once the subscription renewal has been properly verified DayBack will not need an internet connection until the next renewal date. If it is a one time purchase license, once activation is complete an internet connection is no longer required.

User license counts are all managed internally and are configured initially upon activation. Once the initial activation is complete an internet connection is no longer necessary.

DayBack also needs an internet connection to check for and download updates. This is not required and is entirely optional since users check for updates manually. DayBack also has the ability to restore it's files, when asked, in case of a serious user error in editing the CSS or Translation files. This will require an internet connection as it gets those files from SeedCode's servers.

The only thing DayBack retrieves from the internet on a regular basis is the notification list of new features: this is solely a request from and no date is posted as part of this request. These notifications are in the upper right of DayBack under the "three dots" menu.

FileMaker Go

DayBack's layouts support touch and work great on iPad. The calendar looks pretty good on a horizontal iPhone but we don't yet have any views optimized for a vertical phone.

You'll find that DayBack on Go performs much better when connected to FileMaker Server than when used offline. Offline there is a good bit of screen flash you don't see in Pro or when connected to a server on Go.

FileMaker Server

You can share DayBack with up to 9 guests without FileMaker Pro Server, providing each guest as a copy of FileMaker Pro. Even with a small number of guests, however, we strongly recommend you use FileMaker Pro Server for the best possible performance. FileMaker server also offers increased crash protection, allows the scheduling of server side scripts (ie email notifications) and provides for the scheduled backup of your databases, making it invaluable in our estimation.


DayBack will not work with WebDirect, though the new DayBack for FileMaker 19 will.


The fmp:// url protocol used by DayBack calendar is not supported in runtimes so DayBack will not work without a plugin. The plugin provides a good solution on Macs. Windows machines require a registry change on each machine, which you can accomplish with an installer. Christian from Monkey Bread describes the plugin here: monkeybreadsoftware. (Plugin support is provided by Christian at MonkeyBread.)

(Update June 8, 2017. While the note above mentions a solution for Windows, it looks like Monkey Bread has only got this working for Mac so far.)

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