Linked Contacts And Projects

Teaching the Calendar About Your Related Contact and Project Records.

If you're linking contacts and/or projects to your event records, you need to teach DayBack where these related records live and which fields to use for the value lists that help you select them:

You'll do this in very much the same way as you specified fields on the Source No 1 layout, but there are fewer fields to map here. =)

1. Table Occurrences. If you haven't already repointed the table occurrences for contacts and projects, Double click on the SampleContacts table occurrence in the calendar's relationship graph and point it at your contacts table. Change the relationship to "Sample Events" so it's using the primary key of your contacts table on the contact's side of the relationship.
If you've pasted the calendar in to your file you likely already created SampleContact and SampleProject table occurrences when you created SampleEvents.
2. Layouts. Visit the layout "Related Source No 1" and enter layout mode. This layout should "show records from" the same table occurrence you based "SampleContacts" upon. (In DayBack's example file "Contacts" are related source number 1 and "projects" are related source number 2.)
Double click on the ID field and select the primary key (or unique ID) for your contacts table. The double click on the name field and select the field you'd like to use for the contact's name in the contact selector shown above.
3. Required Fields. There are two new fields you'll need to add to your contacts table: DBK_WebViewerSource and DBK_WebViewerData. You can copy these from the SampleContacts table that comes with DayBack. Only the first of these needs to be edited and in it you'll specify which of your fields is the primary key in the table and which field you want to be shown as the name of the contact when you select them from a list. So edit this section of the calc...
id = id ;
name = NameFull ; look something like this:
id = MyContactID ;
name = MyNameLastFirst ;
Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for Sample Projects as well.
4. Scripts. Edit the script "Which Detail Views to Use..." This determines which layouts to use when you want to visit a records from each related source (when you click on the buttons beside a selected contact or project in the event's popover).
Once you've edited that script, run the "Upon Opening" script to see your changes take effect.

Filtering Related Contacts

If you'd like, you can show just a subset of your contacts in the contact-selection drawer. Let's say you have 20k contacts but only 500 are active at any one time.

To show just the 500 active contacts, create a new calculated field in your contact's table that only returns the contact's full name if the contact is active (be sure the result is Text and that the field is indexable). Then use that field on the Related Source No 1 layout where you see "name". (Just swap out the field, don't change the field's object name, which should remain "SourceName".)

That's it! You can use a similar approach to filter projects.

Can I select multiple contacts for a single event?

By default, DayBack only permits selection of a single contact (and project), but we can help you modify the FileMaker scripts in use here to permit multiple selection. Here's an example of one such modification using a card window to select multiple contacts: short movie.

No Search Results?

If your file is hosted in FileMaker Server 13.1, make sure the data file that contains your contact and project records is set to auto-enter an account that has access to this data. There is a bug in that version of FMS that prevents a UI file's login credentials from being passed to related files when using PSOS (Perform Script on Server).

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