Sorting Events

How is the calendar sorted?

There is no specific sort applied currently, though you can add one. Note that on most views events will show with all day events first and then in chronological order, so adding a sort will really only apply to events that are either all-day or happening at the same time.

To add your own sort, edit the script "Event Find" and add the lines shown in green below. I've added an If ( ) statement to support different sort fields for each source and you can add as may Else If branches as you have sources. Note that sorts will slow the calendar down slightly... or not so slightly if you choose to sort on unstored fields.

If you're looking to sort events by a resource (by artist, room number, truck, etc.) you may want to check out the calendar's schedule views as they give each resource their own column, making sorting less necessary. More on using resources here: resources.

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