Time Formats

How can I change the way times are displayed?

DayBack will attempt to auto-detect date and time formats automatically. If it isn't detecting it properly or you need to change it, you can navigate to the "WebViewer: Under The Hood" layout. Find the toggle switch that is labeled "Use Auto Settings" and turn it off. From there you can set your region settings including to use 12 or 24 hour time. Click "Load Settings" when done.

If you don't want to set this data in fields and would rather make a permanent change in the settings script you can edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---". Find the comment labeled "Localization" toward the bottom of the script. Edit the variable "$$sc_AutoDetectLocalization" to say False so it doesn't attempt to auto detect settings. Then edit the variable "$$sc_12HourTime" to either True or False depending on your preference.

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