Shared Servers

Any Considerations When Hosting the Calendar on a Shared Server?

There is no server-side scripting required, but there are a few things that, if you choose to use them, you may want to let your hosting provider know about:

PSOS (Perform script on server). This is optional (though turned ON by default) but can make the calendar feel a good bit faster. Some shared hosting providers stress about it, some don't. You can learn more about this here.
Email Notifications. The calendar can use server side script schedules to send email notifications when events are coming up or modified. This is something you'd need to configure and activate but it does use a server-side schedule. More here: email notifications.
File Names. As with any shared server you need to make sure your file names are unique on the server. And since *someone* is probably already running our calendar on that server you'll probably need to prefix the file name if you link the calendar to your file.
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