Integrating DayBack with Your FileMaker File(s)

Two Options: Linking and Embedding

There are two ways to get the calendar to work with your file. You can link the calendar file to your file, or you can embed it. Embedding means pasting the fields, scripts, and layouts required from our file into yours. Linking means that the calendar would continue to run as a separate file, but would use your file for the calendar data.

Linking the two files is by far the easiest approach and if you often want to see the calendar in its own window then this is definitely the way to go. This is also the best option for folks who are newer to FileMaker.

One downside to a linked file is that, like all multi-file solutions, you'll need to have your accounts and privilege sets in both files (unless you set the calendar file to auto-open with its own, low access password for everyone)-- that's the only downside of linking And if you're using external authentication, then it's no downside at all.

Learn how to Link the Calendar.

Embedding the calendar into your file means the calendar ends up as a layout (its own layout, not part of an existing layout) in your file so you'll discard our example file when you're done. This is a more tedious integration process but if you follow our instructions carefully it doesn't take that long.

Learn how to Embed the Calendar.

Need Help?

Our products are designed so you can integrate them into your own FileMaker solutions yourself following the instructions in our online documentation, and our team is happy to provide any guidance you need at no additional charge. So please don't hesitate to reach out if you get stuck--we can likely get your integration unstuck with a quick phone call or email.

Alternatively, our trained and certified developers can do your integration for you from start to finish. Just pick up our minimum five-hour implementation package ($1,110) and send us your file (more complex integrations may require more time).

We can also help you build custom features in any FileMaker solution that involves one or more of our products, including customized deployments of SeedCode Complete. For these types of projects that involve custom-built features, please get in touch to discuss the details so we can give you an estimate of the cost and timeline.

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