Update Notifications

How can I stay up to date on new capabilities in DayBack?

DayBack will let you know about new features, updates, and scheduling tips in the "Notifications" menu at the top-right of the app: where the three dots are.

You'll see a green envelope instead of three dots when there is new content you haven't seen yet.

Can I turn this off?

Yes. You have a few options here. Note that things like "admin settings" are only available to DayBack administrators anyway, so don't turn it off just for that. You can also decide to only show these update notifications to administrators--and that's what we'd recommend as this is also when they'll learn if/when their access to in-app updates is expiring.

You can decide who gets to see these "What's New" notifications in the FileMaker scripts that configure DayBack. Edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---" and find the comment "Show what's new notifications in the notifications menu" near line 66. Edit the next line to restrict who has access to these notifications: options are "everyone", "admin", and "off".

Note that you can turn off the whole "Notifications" menu itself (the whole three-dots menu) just a few lines prior in the same script. Find the comment "Hide Menu Items?" at around line 62 and follow the instructions on the next Set Variable line. The item you'll add to remove the three-dots menu is "Notifications".

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