Drag To Duplicate

Easily duplicate event on the calendar

With version 9.85 you can now duplicate events on the calendar just by dragging them:

Hold down the option key (Mac) or the control key (Windows) before you click on your event and start dragging. You'll have the opportunity to edit your newly duplicated event before you save it.

A couple notes about this feature:

If your calendar source is set up to edit your events in a FileMaker layout, instead of in DayBack's popover, the duplicate doesn't yet work: it just creates a new event. We should be able to get this working in a future in-app update. Released in build 9.97!
This doesn't do the same thing as duplicating a FileMaker record using FileMaker's dupe command. It really creates a new FileMaker record with the same DayBack information as the original. This means that unmapped fields (fields in your table but not mapped to DayBack edit fields) are not duplicated into the new event.
Any additional fields are duplicated, so you can make sure critical fields get duplicated by mapping them as additional fields. If you really want to duplicate the whole record yourself, you can store the event's original ID in a new field, map that as an additional field, and then pick up the id in your own script to set fields from the original record into the newly "duplicated" record. Please get in touch if that sounds tricky.

How do I get it?

To enable the feature in your copy of DayBack, just click Admin Settings on the Settings tab of the left-hand sidebar and then click "Check for Updates". This is a free, in-app update. Enjoy!

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