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Can I Jump to a Related Contact or Project from the Calendar?

Yes. When you've linked a contact or project to an event (whether you did so in DayBack's interface or your own) you'll see an arrow beside the contact or project. These arrows run FileMaker scripts to take you to these related records.

In both cases the script being called is "Go To Related Record From WebViewer" and it's passed a parameter indicating the number of the source you're trying to go to.

In Sample Events, "contacts" are related source number 1 and "projects" are related source number 2. You specify these sources by editing the related sources layouts as part of integrating the calendar with your own files. More here: Linked Contacts And Projects.

Once specified, the script "Which Detail Views to Use..." determines which layouts to load for each related source. Feel free to edit that script to refer to your own contact and project detail layouts.

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